Kontakt VST/AU missing after update to 5.6.x (PC / Mac) [en-us]




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    Michi @ NI (Edited )

    Hi all,

    please check the following instructions in order to get Kontakt 5 up and running again.

    On Macintosh
    With the latest version of Kontakt 5.6 there is no 32-bit plug-in version available (Macintosh only!). That leads into Kontakt 5.6 does not appear in any 32-bit DAW. In order to get Kontakt working again, please switch your DAW into 64-bit mode or install a former version of Kontakt 5 (e.g. Kontakt 5.5.2). You can download previous versions under this link:


    On Windows
    You  simply need to install the update manually. Download the update here. During the update process you will be ask where to save the DLLs.

    Be sure that the VST settings in your Host are correct:

    VST Administration on Windows (VIDEO)

    Let me know if you need further assistance.



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    Greg Lomas

    Same problem here,

    Installed Kontakt update and now there is no dll in my specified VST Plugins folder

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    Florian Ross (Edited )

    Unfortunately, same on Mac. The AU plugin is not working anymore after update using Native access. Even a manual uninstall and reinstall would not work.

    OSX 10.11.6

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    Jeffre Jackson

    Same here. After update via Native Access, the Kontakt 5 VST plug-in is now disabled in Ableton on OSX 10.11.6. The stand-alone app works.

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    Jim Ryser (Edited )

    I have the same problem with Mac - I go to try and load and it says my Kontakt 5 is too old for some libraries; it also fails to update.  Current version is 5.3.1 and it WILL NOT update...HELP!

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    gianluca boldrin

    Dear Michi the problem also exists with your tips. Please see if the programmers of the Native can do something soon because I have clients in the studio and I need absolutely Kontakt 5 or I can not go ahead with the projects. Thank you

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    Baptiste Colleu

    Exactly same problem here in our studio !
    Help !!!

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    Daniel Reynolds

    When I followed Michi's instructions and installed the update manually, I noticed that the installer was set to NOT install VST plugin (the box was "X"ed automatically)..I had to adjust that setting and then the DLL was added correctly..It appears that NI needs to adjust how their updaters are configured so that plugins are included in the installation....

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    Michi @ NI


    Please not that Kontakt 5.6 is only available in 64 Bit on Mac. If you use Ableton in 32 Bit, Kontakt will not longer be displayed.

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    Jeffre Jackson

    @ Michi

    Thanks. I was running in 32-bit because of some older plug-ins.


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    Norman Barrett

    This is a problem with me also. I updated Kontakt and now it does not show up in Pro Tools 10.  This needs to be corrected ASAP!!!

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    Michi @ NI

    @Norman, please note that Pro Tools is only a 32 Bit Application, Kontakt 5.6 is 64bit only on MAC.

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    Michi @ NI

    I investigate this issue further and I think I found the culprit. If you delete on Windows the 32Bit Version of the Plug-In the Update manually untick the VST option during the update process via NATIVE ACCESS.

    But now you can install the update manually (https://www.native-instruments.com/en/support/downloads/update-manager/) you can tick the VST box.


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    paul arthur

    If it will not work in 32 how can we revert back to the older kontakt?

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    Onhcet D.J.Onhcet

    dropped 32bit vst kontakt ? and not even mentioned in the info ? ; that is quite a boomer ,and the cause of lots of issues for

    people depending on the software for their production or .......

    what would the world be a lot cooler place if developers did hold their horses on programming with new tools while discarding the old , still many plugins used by us that are only available in 32 bit so ...............

    in real life. many musicians , artists and producers do still use 32bit DAW's ( running ableton 32 and 64 bit versions on mavericks ) A warning on the info page or something similar about the "ditched" 32bit vat support would have shown a lot more respect to a lot of people using the software and also would have avoided many problems in the workflow of a number of artists and studio's

    could you help us out with an option to install the older version of the plugin alongside with the new version so we are still able to work on our 32 bit projects ?

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    Julien Carbou (Edited )

    Same here, with 64bit Windows and Ableton, I did the update with Service Center and now Ableton doesn't see Kontakt.
    Re-do a manual update...same. 
    Everything worked nice before this update. Now I can't open my latest Ableton project with Kontakt tracks inside.

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    Andrew Greene

    I'm on a Mac with 32-Bit Ableton. I went to the download page, searched for kontakt, and installed the "KONTAKT 5.5.1 Update - OS X 10.8 or higher, Mac" It seems to have fixed the problem as the AU plugin loads and I can play The Giant. Hope this helps.

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    Mike Ellis

    Jeez, the whole "kill off 32bit" thing really pisses me off. As per above posters, so many of us are reliant on 32bit stuff. To do this kind of thing and not even flag it up somewhere really obvious is just really irritating...

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    David Bode (Edited )

    I deleted the Kontakt dll files in my 64-bit VST folder. The manual installer then installed them back, but it is still version 5.3.137. I now have the standalone version of Kontakt and the VST as 5.3.137. Michi @ NI, can you help? 


    Update: I got it to work. There was an old version of Kontakt5.dll hiding in another folder! All set.

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    Michi @ NI

    @David Bode

    Thanks for the update.

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    Michi @ NI

    @Julien Carbou

    Did you set the correct VST path inside of Ableton?

    Please check this video:

    VST Administration on Windows Systems


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    Kevin Doyle

    Hi Michi,

    I'm having the same issue regarding the AU 32 bit Ableton problem.  What is the solution for this issue going forward? I see Kontakt 5 and 6 in VST folders but I have many projects that I use the AU Kontakt instrument in.Does Native Instruments have a fix or update that will come out to fix this issue? Thanks

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