Yet another Lost sound after a crackle - triggered by Recording in Cakewalk [en-us]




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    Las @ NI

    Hi Helene,

    Can you update to the latest Windows 10 build (1909)?

    I recommend the steps below as well.

    1. Run the System File Integrity Checker:

    System File Integrity Checker

    2. Make sure all of the latest Windows Updates are installed with this mini tool:


    3. Make sure all the Redistributable packages are installed and not corrupted:

    Visual C Runtime Installer

    4. Update your graphics card driver.

    5. Reboot your system.

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    Helene Kolpakova

    Hey Las, sorry for the belated response.

    First of all, 1.2 update has resolved my issue.

    But purely FYI, I was not able to follow steps 2 and 3 of your recommendations - nothing gets downloaded as a result. I also don't think it's a good tech support practice to suggest the users to rely on 3rd-party tools for these matters. How do I even know that you're actually a real NI employee instead of a malicious attacker? Especially when half of the forum is daily getting hacked - doesn't leave me feeling secure at all.

    Also, I cannot upgrade to 1903 or 1909, very unfortunately. The upgrade process fails and rolls back. I contacted MS support and the only suggestion they came up with in the end is to do a clean install. And I guess you can imagine what it means even if I need to install NI stuff only. While in reality it's SO much more. So for now I'm gonna stay with 1809 and see if I can find a solution to the MS bugs myself.

    Still, good news, MX works now! Now all I need is to get KK fixed, but that's a separate story.

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