Noisetables are .wav files, but you can't use your own wav files?! Why?! [en-us]




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    Justin Crosby (Edited )

    Regarding the Serum remark:

    Serum users are by far the most likely audience of users who Massive X should appeal to. The original Massive was upstaged by Serum and many producers and composers adopted Serum as their new go to wavetable synth due to Serum's flexibility and an appreciation for the desire to use the synth the way the user intends. 

    Serum will continue to win out in terms of success because of the following benefits Serum has over Massive X.

    • The user can save all envelope / LFO shapes.
    • The user can import wavetables.
    • The user can make their own wavetables by resampling Serum's output directly to to a a wavetable oscillator slot.
    • The user can add their own wave files as noise oscillators. 
    • The user can save effect presets
    • The user can save effect chains.
    • The user can totally and completely organize the preset browser.
    • The user can tag, rate and favorite all patches.

    It seems pretty obvious why Massive X still has not gained any traction in the market, NI seems to be ignoring what the most likely competing product(s) are capable of and instead implementing a synth with great potential, that is unfortunately handicapped by its closed-off-to-the-user approach. Not to mention that Serum is hardly the only game in town these days. There are tons of great alternatives to Massive X that give you far greater flexibility.

    Furthermore, NI's choice to not build-in a legacy compatible engine means users with hundreds (or more) custom and 3rd party presets cannot use them as building blocks in Massive X. Yes, there is a technical reason why they can't be imported, but that reason exists simply because of choices made by NI to limit cross-compatibility.

    In short this could have been possible, NI chose not to consider the benefit. (Which is unfortunate.) I personally have a few thousand patches that I can't use as jumping-off points simply because it was decided that rushing a premature product to market was a better approach.

    No shade intended, simply just pointing out that if NI expects this product to succeed it needs to take another approach, and that approach is looking at what outsells Massive X and why... 

    Images showing the Noisetable folder below. An obvious first place to start in terms of giving Massive X a broader appeal as I can't imagine this couldn't be built-in to the feature set in an afternoon...

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    Chris @ NI

    Hello Justin,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback on Massive X. I have forwarded this on to the Massive X team for consideration in future updates.

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