Download and Installation FAQ overview




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    Is there any way to pause or stop a download? The Komplete library is taking hours and hours on my rubbish connection and I have the disc anyway. In future I won't select install all, but for now...

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    john marshall

    Native access is not downloading any of my products just says WAITING please help


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    Abdullah ALSHALHOUB

    Here's some notes about Native Access :

     - It hangs a lot, i should kill the process each time i download a product.

    -It doesn't support directly suspending and resuming downloads, i often close it by killing the process, then reopen it to continue download from the point it was closed.


    please NI team, try to make it more responsive and friendly. 


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    Connor Lloyd

    Ive purchased massive...and it is asking me for my serial number and activation code. Ive checked through all my purchasing emails and i cannot find any of this information.

    Can someone talk me through the activation process please? 



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    James Herring-Gates

    I've just picked up the Maschine Studio and I can't download Maschine 2.0 because I can't get native access to respond at all, I've re downloaded it and when I click on it, it  just loads for half a second and then NOTHING!!!  Any help would be nice.

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    Leonardo Gonzaga

    When downloading the via Native access it always hangs with 1 second remaining and stays there forever. 

    The solution is to kill the process in task manager, reopen the Native Access, select to install the same package so it will resume download and installation.

    I just got the upgrade from Komplete Select to Komplete and am experiencing this problem.

    This problems just started happening now. Never has this problem before.


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    Anthony Smith

    Native Access really needs a 'Cancel Installation' option - at least for products that haven't begun downloading yet.

    I don't remember doing it, but I seem to have accidentally clicked on 'Install All'. :( 


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    Urs Messerli

    after windows creator fall update native access doesnt work anymore. not able to start it, also after reinstallation.

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    Ask Kæreby

    I'm trying to install SKANNER XT 1.3.0 on my mac (10.10.5) but keep getting "unknown error" at the end of the install process?

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    Patrick Clemons Jr

    I'm setting up my maschine mikro mk2.I've gotten all software downloaded except for Komplete Kontrol & Maschine 2. When attempting to download the two of them I get : install failed:an unknown error occurred..Im running a Dell optiplex 360 windows 10. Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    Daniel Ross

    Just got a new MacBook Pro and I attempted to install all my native instruments from Native Access and it has cause my Pro Tools to crash before even loading every time. I literally have to remove all NI .aaxplugin from my Pro Tools plugin folder in order to run Pro Tools. I have reinstalled both Pro Tools and NI via Native Access. This is very frustrating.

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    Troy Smith (編集済み )

    I am trying to activate Traktor 2 Pro on my PC. I have the full version but Native Access won't activate. Says I don't own the product, please help me and thank you!