No "Add Library" button in Kontakt Player 5.7.0

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    Dave Peppiatt (編集済み )

    @Chris Grim

    I checked the product page for Output's Exhale and don't worry it is a Kontakt player library so there's no need to buy the full version of Kontakt.

    Please follow these steps to activate the library.

    1. In Kontakt hit the Manage Libraries button and Native Access will open up.
    2. In Native Access hit + Add a serial located in the top left corner.
    3. Enter your serial number (the serial number is identical to your download code) and hit + Add serial
    4. Wait for it to register with Native Instruments.
    5. Native Access will now need to know where the library is on your computer. Use the browse button to navigate to its location. (Remember to point it to the root folder, not a sub folder!)
    6. Once you've selected its location hit the Install button.

    Native Access will give you a confirmation that the library was successfully installed and will now be in the libraries tab in Kontakt.

    Please follow this link to find a NI tutorial video that says pretty much what I listed above but with clearer visual instructions. (It also by sheer coincidence uses the Substance and Exhale libraries as an example)

    I hope this helps :)

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    I formated my PC 3 months ago, and after when all was back to my principal drive I had problem to add library from my other drive.

    Still can't add Library with the browser and also in option Database "Add" had no effect when adding folder (with also Option /Libraries : all selected "visible"), i had to roll back to 5.6, now i can add my existing library from other drive.

    Now that i start to add my library, when i will finish, should i update to 5.7 again, would my library will be still there ? I think yes.

    Some library are from Native Instruments, some have been taken and some not, strange.. Any way to me rolling back to 5.6 was the only way to add existing library without re-download et re-install, cause it's a lot of time and SSD don't like that ;) .


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    Ok now that all authorize in Native Access, i see some of my external drive had different name folder, that's why, but where can we manage those installation path if we want to change it, cause in Native Access we can only manage general path in preferences, do i miss something cause i tried all options when i was in 5.7 to add library.

    Anyway all my bank are back now ;)

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    Cody Brough

    Thank you for your reply, my only question now is, when I click manage library it takes me to native access and from there you can't do anything? I only see not installed, updates, and what I already have installed. Even if I click on preferences I don't see anything to actually add a library. 

    Thanks for your reply, any insight helps!

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    Alan Gruskoff

    I just paid a lot of money for Embertone's Joshua Bell Violin for Kontact.

    While this product had NO INSTALLATION instructions, trying to open the .NKI file just errors out.

    As this thread indicates, Kontact 5.7 caused us all a lot of trouble by removing the "Add Library" button, in favor of the useless Native Access app which knows nothing about this Non-N.I. Library, leaving me screwed by both Embertone and Native Instruments.

    How does one Add a Library in Kontact 5.7?





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    Cody Brough

    I 100% know what you mean! I use logic pro x and the Serum plug-in, and I'll admit I'm new to this stuff so I'm no expert. I wanted to get Output's Exhale, but you have to use it through Kontakt so what's the point? I mean there has to be a way to import, but you wouldn't know cause even if you go step by step in the Kontakt manual, the manual still gives instructions like the Add Library button is there when it is not. I really don't understand the point of the Manage Library button...

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    Jonathan Calderon

    this question has NOT been answered. Manage Library does LITERALLY NOTHING but send you to Native Access which does even less than nothing.

    Why are you literally going backwards with all these updates?

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    Dave Peppiatt

    @Cody Brough

    You need to hit the " + Add a serial" button at the top. Then enter your serial number for the library that you want to add in the box that appears. Native Access will then check if it is valid. If it is your library will be added to the list of installed products in Native Access and also be added to the Kontakt player library tab if applicable.

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    Dave Peppiatt (編集済み )

    @Alan Gruskoff

    Native Access has completely replaced the old Service Center app. It now manages ALL Kontakt player libraries both from Native Instruments and 3rd partys like those from Embertone. Hit the "+ Add a serial" button in Native Access then enter your serial number in the box that appears. Your Joshua Bell Violin should now be listed in Native Access and will also appear in the Kontakt libraries tab ready to use.

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    Brad Lindsay

    @Dave Peppiatt

    I wish to add a free mellotron called Leisureland.  I can't find a serial number in the literature anywhere.  I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and haven't gotten anywhere.  I hope someone can help.  Thank you.

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    Dave Peppiatt

    @Brad Lindsay

    I checked the library out and it's a Non-Kontakt player library so it doesn't need a serial number in order to use, only the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher. To use the library hit the "files" tab inside Kontakt then browse to where the library is located on your computer then double click or drag and drop one of the nki instrument files into the main Kontakt window and you're good to go.

    To clarify there are 2 kinds of Kontakt libraries: Kontakt player libraries and Non-Kontakt player libraries.

    A Kontakt player library is licensed by Native Instruments so it can appear inside the main Kontakt library tab. These libraries require activation in the Native Access app using a valid serial number. Generally these libraries can be identified by the special .nicnt file that they have. These libraries are accessed inside the main Kontakt library tab.

    A Non-Kontakt player library is not licensed by Native Instruments and will not appear in the main Kontakt library tab. These libraries usually don't require any means of activation through the Native Access app but they do require the full version of Kontakt to use. They will not work with the free Kontakt player except for a limited 15 minute demo. These libraries are accessed through the "files" tab inside Kontakt or can be added to the quick-load menu for easier use.

    Most "big" third-party library developers (Spitfire,Cinesamples,ProjectSam,etc) release Kontakt player libraries that require a serial number but many smaller developers can't afford or simply don't want to pay the licence fee to NI so they release Non-Kontakt player libraries that need the full version of kontakt to run.



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    Klim Levene

    The cheek NI has to tell us they changed it to Manage Libraries like they did us a favor. If the solution is to install a legacy version of your software just to add something that is not the solution. 
    I already have a bunch of libraries sitting on an external harddrive but NI Access wants me to redownload them so that it will 'officially' recognize them. Huh, what? Waste of everyone's time and bandwidth.
    Please fix and don't ignore.

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    jeff arnold

    You do not have to roll back


    In Kontakt hit "manage Library"

    This will bring up Native Access- look upper left corner "+ Add Serial Number"

    This will authorize your library- Then either hit "install" and you are done or

    If install fails it could not find your downloaded library- no problem- Hit "browse" and locate where on your computer you downloaded your library too

    Then hit "install"

    you are done

    Not exactly intuitive but simple once you get it




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    Colin Farley

    This situation is clearly not professional,useful or desirable and needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

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    Marcel S. @ NI (編集済み )

    Hi there,

    thanks for posting.

    @ Colin & all of you not satisfied with the new workflow.

    Please let us know what you wish to be improved, so that it may be passed on to our development.



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    bill kelm

    I have libraries from Spitfire that do not have serial numbers (all of those "Lab" libraries, and the Euphone library which was given out as part of their Black Friday promotion). Is there seriously no way to add these libraries into Native access?  Is the only option to downgrade to 5.6.6?

    Seems pretty ridiculous and not user friendly at all.

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    Klim Levene

    Not sure what you mean @jeff arnold - went through your steps again and registered the serial again... nothing new. You always had the option to 'install' but that initiates a download. There is never a 'browse' button to find it on your drive... I swear I can't find it.

    @Marcel S. - I think we made it pretty clear that we need a 'browse' feature to link our libraries. Or a better sync feature from NI that scans your drive and finds those products, because right now it's now, even after I point it at the correct folder.

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    Rubin Itermann

    I am freaking out over here :/

    Why the hell would a company make such useless Change to a Software??

    I just bought an Instrument from Spitfire and can't even load it into my Library Section because for what reason exactly?

    Really pisses me off right now...



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    Fernando Garcia Munera

    Gentlemen of Native Instruments, The recommendation for the developers is very simple: divide the current Manage Library button and put the Add Library back to the alley, there are two functionalities, it is giving me the same problem, if I need to restart a library for any reason then there is no way to reload it other than out of date to version 5.6 and then return to 5.7, crazy! if not so that the Hidden button exists if then you can not add library? It's very absurd, this has to be solved soon ...

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    Arnaud Cueff (編集済み )

    I have to mention that your Installer is still very disappointing. Since its first release in september 2016, it's still unable to uninstall a plug-in or a bank and I can't understand why this feature is missing after 16 months. Using a Macbook Pro with a 500 Go SSD, I have to install and uninstall banks according my needs and it's a pain in the ass with your software.

    Maybe you should check how the other editors are dealing with it (XLN Audio for example)?

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    Brad Lindsay

    @Dave Peppiatt

    Thank you so much for your help.  I was able to get the library working in Pro Tools finally.  Sorry I haven't thanked you sooner.  I hadn't needed the mellotron again for a while and had no free time to simply explore.  Thank you again.

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    Ott? ?cs-S?nta

    Hi Everybody,

    I have a problem with Kontakt Player. Maybe you can help me.

    I bought KLIP from Sample Magic. I follow the instruction to make a Library in Kontakt Player, but I can't.
    There were my steps:
    - Click Manage Libraries in Kontakt Player
    - In Native Access I added serial
    - I got a message "Registration failed Something went wrong during the registration of Klip Registration error: The serial has been registered already"

    I signaled this to Sample Magic but no answer yet.

    Maybe I made some mistakes. Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Chris Grim

    I tried everything that was said on here and I still cant add my exhale library, not natter if i drag it from the files tab or not. what do i do? can someone contact me to resolve this? cause i should not have to buy the full kontakt version just to add a library. why have the free version then?

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    Roger Knight

    The annoying thing about this change is that it renders the installation instructions meaningless & wrong for expensive 3rd party Kontakt libraries, and NI have not included instructions in the Kontakt v5.7.3 user manuals to explain the totally different installation procedure from those provided by the library developers - at least not in a place findable by PDF searches or examining the NI manual's table of contents.

    I just purchsed BigFish's Vintage Horns 2, which says it requires Kontakt 5.6.8, but the Service Centre for my Komplete 10 would only update to v5.6.6, so I went to NI website, discovered NI Access, installed it & ran the update which took Kontakt to 5.7.3 - but then was totally unable to install my new licensed library, because of the changed procedure meant the Big Fish instructions made no sense whatsoever - this wasn't just a gui button rename as the release notes claim!.  I shouldn't need to spend hours searching user forums to discover how to install this type of paid-for software.

    Please NI, if you are going to make changes which make your partner's instructions totally invalid, then at least document the new procedure fully, clearly & in a prominent place in your own manuals.

    Many thanks to the users posting here that I've finally got my new library working - and no thanks to NI.

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    Tanner Moore

    @Dave Peppiatt

    Your answer is incredibly clear and gives the exact steps for how to fix this problem. I am the first person to upvote your answer after more than a year.