How to update from Komplete 11 to Komplete 12? [en-us]

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    Matthias (編集済み )

    Thank you for the community post. After you registered Komplete 11 with the help of Native Access, you will have the option to update or upgrade to the next level (various flavours of Komplete 12).

    The following video explains how to register the software in Native Access:

    After you registered the serial number, please log in to your user account and click on the product you would like to buy. The correct price will be displayed there.

    For more information about this issue, please view the hints in the following articles:

    Most Common Questions About Updating / Upgrading to KOMPLETE 12 (ULTIMATE)

    As well as the following article. (Currently, the article describes how to upgrade to Komplete 11, but the workflow that upgrades your system to Komplete 12 is the same):

    What Exactly is a Crossgrade / Update / Upgrade and How Do I Qualify?

    Additionally, you can go to the following website which displays the prices for the K12 Updates/Upgrades and Crossgrades:


    The following GIF shows how it works: