Komplete A25, A49 and A61: Setting up Komplete Kontrol in Standalone Mode and Ableton Live 10 [en-us]

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    Matthias (編集済み )

    Setting up the A-Series: From Standalone to First Use in DAW (here: Ableton)

    Please make sure to update Komplete Kontrol to the latest version (Komplete Kontrol 2.0.5 or higher) with the help of Native Access:

    Additionally, please make sure to update your DAW (Ableton Live 10) as well.

    After updating, please open Komplete Kontrol in standalone mode and enable the A Series under the MIDI Preferences:

    In your case, instead of "(Komplete Kontrol A25)", you should see "A49".

    After you did this - and maybe closed and started Komplete Kontrol in standalone mode once again - this Getting Started dialogue should appear:

    If Komplete Kontrol is still not recognised, you would need to download the latest firmware and drivers from here:


    For more information about this, please view the following article:

    How to Update the Firmware of your NI Audio Interface or Controller

    Now, (the updated version of) Ableton Live 10 should recognise your keyboard as well. For more information, please follow the hints in this linked article:

    Setting Up Ableton Live for KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series

    FYI, the following section on our website shows you how to set up the an A-Series keyboard with pictures and comments:

    Komplete Kontrol A-Series, Getting Started

    After having gone through all the steps, does the issue still occur?


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    Kevin Rombouts

    Finally managed to select the in/output options for my Keyboard, despite not having made any changes.

    However, in Ableton I'm still not noticing anything different.
    Everything is fully up to date.

    The Ableton control scheme... Does it refer to Komplete Kontrol within Ableton? Or is it for Ableton itself? (so if I press record, Ableton's record will be activated)? 

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    In Ableton Live 10, under Preferences, you should be able to choose the keyboard.

    Step 1)

    Step 2) 

    Please choose Komplete Kontrol A.

    Step 3 and 4)

    Now you should be able to control Ableton Live 10 via your hardware - the Komplete Kontrol A49.

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    Kevin Rombouts

    As said in my first post... I don't have the options "Komplete Kontrol A DAW". I get a basic Komplete Kontrol A49 option. Not the "A DAW" one.

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    Thank you for the feedback. In this case, just to avoid misunderstandings - are you sure that you are using the latest version of Ableton Live 10, which is 10.0.5?

    Because only this version comes with these options.

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    Kevin Rombouts

    Yes, I am aware. I am also fully up to date.
    Hence why I made the ticket.

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    Thank you for the feedback. In this case, we would need more information. Therefore, we have created a ticket out of your post and will go on with it via our ticket system. After we found a solution, we will post it here.

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    Ewan Gubbins

    I am having the same issue. However, I do have the options "Komplete Kontrol A DAW", yet the transport control buttons do nothing...

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    I have set up the software as describes and it all seems to be working except the send A/B knobs that say they are mapped to reverb and delay do not effect Ableton live, how can I get this working?

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    Oliver Espaillat (編集済み )


    Unfortunately i'm having the same issue! 

    My A49 controls do not work for the Komplete Kontrol software (Standalone) or Ableton with everything selected that your tutorial shows above. smh

    This is frustrating and you can't get even get tech support over the phone anymore or have the solutions on these threads. =(

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    Matthias (編集済み )

    Troubleshooting the A-Series - Is my device broken?


    Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience. Due to the holiday season, we expect some delay in response.

    In general, when it comes to troubleshooting the A-Series, I would start with the A-Series connected to Komplete Kontrol in standalone mode.

    If all buttons of the hardware are working in Komplete Kontrol's standalone mode, then, most likely, they will work in the latest update of your DAW (Ableton) as well. The feature (Deep Integration or Advanced Functionality) comes with the DAW (Ableton), not with Komplete Kontrol. Therefore, please make sure to use the latest update.


    BTW, as an information for customers that are using other DAWs, please note, currently only DAWs that are listed on our website have these features (Deep Integration or Advanced Functionality), other DAWs do not have these features:


    After you installed the latest update of Ableton Live 10, but some buttons are still not working as expected, please go back to Komplete Kontrol in standalone mode and start a hardware troubleshooting from there. Maybe your hardware is defect.

    If you connect the keyboard to USB, all lights should light up for a short moment.

    In MIDI mode, it should look like this:

    In Komplete Kontrol's standalone mode, it should look like this:

    If your keyboard does not react that way, then please follow the steps in our hardware troubleshooting article. Currently, the A-Series is not listed there explicitly (only the S-Series MK1 and MK2), however, the individual steps you would need to go are still comparable to the other keyboard models:

    KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboard Troubleshooting Guide

    If you are realizing that the hardware is defect, please contact Hardware Support.

    After having gone through all the steps, does the issue still occur?

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    I want to have my VST's in subfolders in Live, which is easily done. But having moved the VST's into a subfolder in the VST folder, when I try to select one via Komplete Kontrol I get the 'could not load plugin' error. What do I have to do to get both things working?

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    Matthias (編集済み )

    Excursus: Could not load Plug-in?


    Thank you for the feedback.

    However, the topic related to the error message "Could not load plugin" is different to the issues we discussed in the forum thread.

    Please follow the hints of this article:


    KOMPLETE KONTROL Error Message: "Loading Issue. Could not load Plug-in." (Mac)


    KOMPLETE KONTROL Error Message: "Loading Issue. Could not load Plug-in." (Windows)


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    Uzo Agulefo

    Please post specific instructions on how to configure the sustain pedal for the Komplete Kontrol A 49 Keyboard. It actually  a dis-service to those of us that pre-ordered this keyboards soon as it came out,  and up to now, we are expected to rely on instructions for the S series to get our keyboard properly configured. I am having difficulty configuring my sustain pedal to work properly. There is no midi icon (applicable for the s series) when I launch the Komplete Kontrol for the A49. So, the instructions for the S series do not work in this instance  I have changed polarities on the foot pedal. I have re-installed the the Komplete Kontrol.  I keep getting this continuous sustain sounds from previous notes, no clear separation between notes. I have changed foot pedals. All to no avail. Tried the Yamaha FP 4 and ProLine foot pedals. What is the work around for this problem? Thanks in advance.


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    Ewan Gubbins

    Hi Matthias,

    Mine does everything correctly, as per your post (30/12/18). What next?

    Can you please tell me what my 'MIDI Remote Scripts' folder should be containing?




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    Matthias (編集済み )

    How to configure a sustain pedal for the A-Series


    At the moment, only pedals that send on/off messages (switch or sustain pedals) will work, no half-damper or expression pedals.  Pedals are currently not assignable, which means, they can only be used for sustain. We are hoping to add assignment in a future update.

    Hi Uzo, thank you for bringing up this topic. You wrote that you tried the Yamaha FP4 and ProLine footpedals. Searching on the internet, I could only find a "Roland FP4". So, is it a Roland FP4? However, does the "FP4" use a half-damper foot pedal?

    If so, did you try out a switch pedal already - a pedal, that only sends on/off messages? Since currently, expression pedals do not work with the A-Series. For more details about this issue, I found the following post:

    Komplete Kontrol A-Series Supported Expression Pedals?

    Therefore, currently, I would need to assume that it will work with a switch pedal. If it does not work with a switch pedal, this could mean that the hardware or the pedal is defect. 

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    Matthias (編集済み )

    Hi Ewan, thank you for the feedback.

    Since you are mentioning 'MIDI Remote Scripts' , I assume that you are refering to the S-Series (MK1, MK2) and the workaround in the article "Setting Up Ableton Live for KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series". Please note, we do not provide a MIDI Reomte Script for the A-Series. Instead, with Ableton 10, you simply choose the A-Series in Ableton's list of control surfaces. This feature is only available in Ableton 10. I found the following post about this issue:


    BTW, the following post contains more information about the MIDI options with the A-Series:

    Komplete Kontrol A61 Sustain Pedal Not Working, MIDI button missing in Komplete Kontrol