My MASCHINE STUDIO Is Not Recognized after Updating Windows 10 [en-us]

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    Jeremy @ NI (編集済み )

    Dear users,

    We are pleased to inform you that the connectivity issue introduced with February's Windows Updates is now fixed! Our QA confirmed that the error is no longer reproducible on all affected Windows generations with this week's updates installed. 

    Microsoft has resolved the problem with a fresh round of updates for Windows 7, 8 and 10 which restore the functionality of S4 MK2, Maschine Studio and our MK1 Komplete Kontrol keyboards. Hence, you can now safely update your Windows

    If you had switched off or paused Automatic Updates, you can activate this function again now, too. 

    Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!

    Feel free to post your findings here.


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    Swami-G (編集済み )

    Hello, will there be a driver update or firmware update that will resolve this problem?

    I would like to be able to update my computer to the latest Windows 10 and still be able to use my Maschine Studio. Also, not everyone will be able to disable automatic Windows updates safely and rollback to a previous version of Windows.

    Not to mention that not updating Windows can cause other issues on a PC and cause other things to break.



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    Jordan Hall

    These are Windows security updates. Can we expect a solution other than, "uninstall your security updates" sometime soon?

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    mickael lopes

    hello , 

    i confirm , just uninstall KB4487044 and mashine studio controller work again

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    Daniel Adjei

    How do I uninstall KB4487044? Please help. I really need my Maschine to work again soon. How can my Maschine give up on me at this moment in time? 

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    @Daniel Adjei

    You will need to follow the instructions in the blue link in this post. You will need to disable automatic updates before you uninstall them. If you don't disable automatic updates, the update will reinstall itself when you restart your PC after you uninstall the update. Hope this helps you. 

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    Stephan Bobinger (編集済み )

    i have the same problem with win 10 update

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    mickael lopes (編集済み )

    I Daniel for uninstall go to settings -> updates and security -> show update history and on the top you have unistall update


    the fuck is it come back every days , so if someone know how to definitivly exclude a specific update , let me know 

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    N/A N/A

    i was struggling with windows it kept reinstalling the updates after i rebooted my system 

    i found a fix online to stop updates in windows 10 

    after you have removed the update reboot your machine then go to the search bar in windows and type in services scroll down to find  windows update right click and select properties then press stop button under the service status part, then change the start up type to disabled then reboot your machine 


    now the updates are stopped if you want to turn them back on again follow the same guide but start the service and set it back to automatic in the start up options 

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    Jesus Jose (編集済み )


    1.go to windows update menu

    2. go to the view update history link( this is a detailed log of individual updates done on your computer)

    3. look for the KB4487044 and uninstall it

    4. make sure to keep the automatic update option off... or it will install itself again and youll be back to the same problem we have to wait for NI to develop a fix for this issue.

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    Angelo Mazzotta

    Jesus is right (once again) :)

    Follow these instructions and you´ll be hammering beats in no time:

    1.go to windows update menu

    2. go to the view update history link( this is a detailed log of individual updates done on your computer)

    3. look for the KB4487044 and uninstall it

    4. make sure to keep the automatic update option off... or it will install itself again and youll be back to the same problem we have to wait for NI to develop a fix for this issue.


    HOW TO ->


    Now go and make beats!

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    Alexander Eriksson

    Hi! Just to let you know that Microsoft has an utility that lets you block specific updates, so they won't get reinstalled.(you can unblock them at any time with the same utility). It's called "wushowhide" and can be downloaded from the Microsoft website(download link is towards bottom of following page):



    This method might be preferable to disabling updates altogether, as there are reports that disabling the update service in win10 Home might cause issues for some.


    Here's how you can do it if you only want to block the problematic update(s):


    1) Roll back(uninstall) the update(s) as others have suggested: KB4487017 and KB4487044.


    2)  Download the "wushowhide" utility and run it.


    3) IMPORTANT! Go to advanced tab and Uncheck the box marked "Apply repairs automatically".


    4) Click next and follow the instructions.


    This worked for me! When the issue with the update has been fixed(either by NI or Microsoft) one can then run the utility again, but this time choose unblock.

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    Mark @ NI

    Our engineers have analyzed this issue and concluded that the problem is caused by recent changes implemented in the latest Windows 7/8/10 updates. We have contacted Microsoft to let them know and will update you as soon as we hear back from them.

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    Fabian Bühler

    nothing works after uninstalling the windows updates. maschine studio still not runs...displays still black...and my mouse and keyboard are not working anymore... pls help fast...  -kills my workflow

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    Fabian Bühler

    how long do you think you need to fix it? 
    deleting the windows update did not help and reinstalling the software also changed nothing. pls let us know. we need to work. thx

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    Ilari Talman


    Thanks for raising up this issue which has bugged for the past week or so. I was unable to roll back on windows updates and im waiting for firmware or controller update so this issue could be finally resolved... Currently unable to use my maschine studio. Pads won't light up when Maschine 2 is open and there's just text "Maschine Studio" on the controller screen. 

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    Narayan Shrestha

    when is the fix coming?

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    Eyram Yao Anyigba (編集済み )

    Hi Support Team,
    Will there ever be a driver update or do i have to uninstall the update twice a week for the future. I cant deactivate automatic updates somehow but anyways, microsoft makes does security updates for a reason. I got win10 with maschine studio. Please come up with a solution soon it's so annoying. Peace Out.

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    Isaac Jacques

    1 month later , still no fix announce  ! can we have a date or any progress report on the issue ? . i cannot uninstall the update because i did a brand new windows install and it seems packaged with other update so , i'm basically screwed until a fix is done . please resolve this situation . i'm back on my Mk1 for the moment but , i mean ... i miss studio real bad  ! 

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    R T

    Have Maschine Studio and the same problem. Today win 10 update. Now it will work again :-) 

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    Angelo Belias


    Just noticed a new Windows update today (03/12):

    2019-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1809 for x64-based Systems (KB4489899)

    After install, Maschine Studio is recognized again!.

    No official update from NI regarding this yet. Hope this works for everyone else

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    timothé livernois oleszko

    my instllation of windows 10 is impossible to go back on previous in updtae, im blocked, literraly, i cant work ! i loose time and money, maschin is great also the situation is hard to peacfully waitiin, 

    courage a toutes les personne qui sont dans la même situation que moi et ont du mal a patientez ! ! 


    (sorry for my english im french) 

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    Walt Hubis

    Just installed the windows update: S49 MK I and Maschine Studio are all working again.                                                                       

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    Eddie Beaumont-Thomas (編集済み )

    RESOLVED: Uninstalled Maschine 2 and Komplete Kontrol and reinstalled both.

    Not for me. I've just spent 3 hrs today updating the W10 OS, including the big 1809 update. Installed Komplete and Maschine 2 software updates. Neither my Komplete S49 Mk2 or Maschine Studio is being seen by the respective software. And to make matters worse, I've removed the KB4487044 again (didn't have the update KB4487017) but this time it hasn't worked.

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    Jeremy @ NI

    Hey Eddie, I forwarded your case to our specialists, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Eddie Beaumont-Thomas

    Hi Jeremy. Thanks for that. I resolved it at the end by uninstalling Maschine 2, Komplete Kontrol, and their respective drivers. Reinstalled KB4487044. Then reinstalled Maschine 2 and Komplete Kontrol. I am now back up and running, with both software are seeing their respective devices.


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    Jeremy @ NI

    Eddie, that's great to hear, thanks for letting us know !

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    Beau Riley

    I have an Issue with running NI Maschine 2 on WIN 10 computer with version 1803 (2017JUL).   I have read that my version should not present any problems with Maschine 2 interface (HW or SW).  

    However , I have a major issue given my Machine 2 refuses to register through Native Access.  I have my Machine 2 registered in my account, although the Serial Number listed in my account is not an exact match for the equipment serial number (on back).  

    This is terribly confusing since I was able to successfully download and register Machine 2 through Native Access previously.

    Am I missing something?  I've spent over a week trying and failing to get my Machine 2 running. 


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    Jeremy @ NI

    Hey Beau,

    There is another issue with Maschine 2.8.0 

    After Installing the MASCHINE 2.8.0 Update My MASCHINE Software Stays in Demo Mode

    Please contact Account Support.