My TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 MK2 Is Not Recognized after Updating Windows 7 [de]




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    Jeremy @ NI (編集済み )

    Dear users,

    We are pleased to inform you that the connectivity issue introduced with February's Windows Updates is now fixed! Our QA confirmed that the error is no longer reproducible on all affected Windows generations with this week's updates installed. 

    Microsoft has resolved the problem with a fresh round of updates for Windows 7, 8 and 10 which restore the functionality of S4 MK2, Maschine Studio and our MK1 Komplete Kontrol keyboards. Hence, you can now safely update your Windows

    If you had switched off or paused Automatic Updates, you can activate this function again now, too. 

    Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!

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    Réjean Croteau (編集済み )


    Same problem after a (f**) update windows 7.

    I uninstalled the KB4486563 as you showed, rebooted the computer, masked the KB4486563 for Windows update (because it want to reinstall it).

    The Traktor (software) recognized it, but the ligths are all off on the traktor S4 Mk2.


    Same problem!..... After all update Windows 7 in french

    2019-03-20 I uninstall all traktor and Native software, re-installed from Access-native and GREAT it's play again!

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    bureau anthony

    Thanks , all ok for me ! The problem is update Windows 7 KB4486563

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    steven gooler

    .....if the damage from trying to fix it didnt just end my musical life

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    Mark @ NI

    Our engineers have analyzed this issue and concluded that the problem is caused by recent changes implemented in the latest Windows 7/8/10 updates. We have contacted Microsoft to let them know and will update you as soon as we hear back from them.

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    diego canales ruiz

    Buenas tardes aver si me pueden ayudar estoy ya desesperado, les cuento hace dos semanas mi traktor s4 mk2 funcionaba correctamente hace una semana que ya no me la reconoce traktor pro 2.11.0 la utilizado siempre sin problemas busque y vi que podria ser por la actualizacion de windows kb4486563 la busque y efectivamente la tenia instalada desde el 12 de este mes la desistale y quite las actualizaciones automaticas de windows uptade y reinstale traktor y todo de nuevo pero sige persistiendo el problema ya no tengo la maldita actualizacion y sige son reconocermela me sale codigo de error 10 en dispositivo de entrada usb ... espero sus respuesta..

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    chris schmidt

    i did a windows rebuild and so on i didn´t found these update you prepare better you say we should uninstal.....and so on i can´t make any musik cause my kontrol s4 mk2 is not workin..............

    what did you mean how long will it take to repair these broken update or better these error very fast so i can´t wait any long to make music again......


    mfg Chris

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    James Weber

    I have uninstalled the update and still have the same issue the lights are all off when Traktor is opened.

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    Jonas Poetter

    Dear Support ,

    Seems like I'm having the same problem.
    lights are all off when Traktor is opened.
    I am very upset because I have to record some sets . I already purchased an S2 via Amazon but it is having exactly the same problem as my s4. Please help me !

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    Matthew Joslin

    I am having the same issue. Turned off the update and Traktor is outputting sound, but I have now control from the unit at all.

    What's going on Native?

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    Mark @ NI

    Hi Jonas, 

    the issue you are experiencing is most likely caused by some other aspect than the Windows updates, otherwise the S2 would work flawlessly. I have created a ticket for you with our Tech Support - please check your email inbox please! 


    Hi Matthew, 

    please follow the steps from this article: 

    Warning: Windows Update Breaks Connectivity of Certain NI Hardware Devices

    We are in close contact with Microsoft about this issue and hope to see it fixed as soon as possible. Once the fix is available, we will communicate this via this thread and the article above. 

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    Matthew Joslin

    Hi Mark - sorry if my message wasn't clear. I have uninstalled the windows update and it's not working. I am getting audio pass through the traktor but I have absolutely no control at all. Have checked power supply, usb cable, completely reinstalled drivers, updates, etc but nothing.

    I also checked on a mac and my hardware is working.

    If you are saying this isn't the windows issue, can you please raise a ticket?

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    chris schmidt

    i make all the Things too i try to do everything what they say we should try and @ the end I still install Windows New and now it Windows was Windows 10 but I think it would be the same @Windows try it maybe this is an opinion you still didn't try before.....

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    Mark @ NI

    Hi Matthew, 

    actually, I wasn't saying that - at least not to you. Or do you equally experience the problem with another Traktor Kontrol model than the S4 MK2? 

    Which Windows version are you working with? 


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    Stephen Lobo


    I am experiencing no control with my S4mk2 on Win7.

    I followed instruction to uninstall update KB4486563 and the system then worked.

    This only lasted while I made no other updates to Win 7.

    Fearing a security compromise to my Win7 PC, I followed instruction to update manually and I did NOT reinstall KB4486563 but only the other Win7 updates) and the same issue with traktor has reoccurred.

    I have no control of the S4mk2.

    There is no KB4486563 installed other.

    Is there another update causing issues and will uninstalling it compromise my Win7 PC?