My MASCHINE STUDIO Is Not Recognized after Updating Windows 7 [de]

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    Jeremy @ NI (編集済み )

    Dear users,

    We are pleased to inform you that the connectivity issue introduced with February's Windows Updates is now fixed! Our QA confirmed that the error is no longer reproducible on all affected Windows generations with this week's updates installed. 

    Microsoft has resolved the problem with a fresh round of updates for Windows 7, 8 and 10 which restore the functionality of S4 MK2, Maschine Studio and our MK1 Komplete Kontrol keyboards. Hence, you can now safely update your Windows

    If you had switched off or paused Automatic Updates, you can activate this function again now, too. 

    Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!


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    raul carrasco


    MUCHAS GRACIAS!!, De verdad me regresaron el alma al cuerpo. :D

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    Detlev Freier


    Sehr geehrtes Support Team

    Ich habe Ihre Fehlerlösung zu Win 10 gelesen.  Daraufhin habe ich die bei mir erfolgten Updates angefangen zu deinstallieren. Schon beim ersten Windows 7 Sicherheitsupdate KB 4486563 war ich erfolgreich. Maschine Studio und Komplete Kontrol Mk1 und MK2 werdewieder korrekt erkannt.

    Gegenprobe gemacht . Sicherheitsupdate eingespielt und bis auf Komplete Kontrol MK2, die seltsamerweise nicht vom Problem betroffen ist, funktionierten sowohl Maschine Studio als auch KK MK1 nicht mehr. Sicherheitsupdate wiedeer deinstalliert und alles funktioniert wieder.

    Ich hoffe, das ist hilfreich.

    Liebe Grüße

    Detlev Freier

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    Mark @ NI

    Our engineers have analyzed this issue and concluded that the problem is caused by recent changes implemented in the latest Windows 7/8/10 updates. We have contacted Microsoft to let them know and will update you as soon as we hear back from them.

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    Fabian Bühler

    How long do you think you need to fix the problem? Really important to know!

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    Mark @ NI

    This is a question only Microsoft can answer. We have filed a bug to them already. 

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    Fabian Bühler

    damn... okay. thx for letting me know...

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    Walt Hubis

    I'm also having issues with ASIO drivers in Maschine for all devices under Maschine - can't even get Komplete Audio 6 ASIO drivers to be recognized. I have opened a separate issue for this. All under Windows 10. Ableton live 10 works just fine.

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    Narayan Shrestha


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    N/A N/A

    Hello i have a same problems on windows 7 x64 with Mashine Studio, im not find the kb4486563 on my computer ?

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    Not only KB4486563 but also the following updates are likely to affect.


     -KB915597(I am not confident, but maschine studio has stopped working after updating. Moreover, KB915597 update can not be uninstalled.)

    There is a possibility that the problematic update may increase day by day.
    Therefore, if NI thinks that Microsoft is bad,
    Please ask Microsoft to hurry to fix the problem.Otherwise, fix the driver.

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    N/A N/A

    I remove KB4486565 and all update afther 12 feb 2019. Not ok for me. :(

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    N/A N/A

    Hello all,
    I share my solution for windows 7 ultimate SP1 x64.
    i find the solution to my problem by removing the update KB4486563 about 240Mb afther that everything is good.

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    Philippe Bossuet

    NI must find quickly a solution!

    It is too easy to say that it is a Microsoft problem. The KOMPLETE KONTROL MKII devices have no problem. So, if NI implements the same way of using USB on the MKI devices, the problem will be solved.
    Otherwise, the Microsoft patches are to fix security issues. So, on the MKI devices, NI codes are not safe !

    It is an emergency to solve this problem.
    I am really disappointed by the NI support, really disappointed !

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    Nathan Rice

    this is absurd, hurry the f**k up. we're literally losing money. you guys such for being so "cutting" edge. contact microsoft and get this fixed NOW

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    Shawn Brown (編集済み )

    My MASCHINE STUDIO Is Not By the software?

    For windows 7 issues remove KB4486563,KB4486565 or any Feb 2019 updates.
    After I updated maschine drivers Windows later did Security Updates KB4474419 and KB4489878.
    Problem was solved