My KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series MK1 Keyboard Is Not Recognized after Updating Windows 7 [en-us]




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    Jeremy @ NI (編集済み )

    Dear users,

    We are pleased to inform you that the connectivity issue introduced with February's Windows Updates is now fixed! Our QA confirmed that the error is no longer reproducible on all affected Windows generations with this week's updates installed. 

    Microsoft has resolved the problem with a fresh round of updates for Windows 7, 8 and 10 which restore the functionality of S4 MK2, Maschine Studio and our MK1 Komplete Kontrol keyboards. Hence, you can now safely update your Windows

    If you had switched off or paused Automatic Updates, you can activate this function again now, too. 

    Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!

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    N/A N/A


    I delete the last update and after is running ok

    But what is the Problem

    i dont now


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    Mark @ NI

    Our engineers have analyzed this issue and concluded that the problem is caused by recent changes implemented in the latest Windows 7/8/10 updates. We have contacted Microsoft to let them know and will update you as soon as we hear back from them.

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    Matthias Willomitzer


    I have uninstalled the update KB4486563 on my Windows 7 according to the above instruction but the problem persists. My Komplete Kontrol S88 does not connect correctly to the computer. It will not be displayed in Preferences / Midi. You can not play notes. Please for further help. Many Thanks

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    Marcel S. @ NI

    Hello Matthias,

    we have created you a support ticket.

    Please await your reply from our KOMPLETE-support via email as soon as possible.

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    Hugh Trethowan

    Mark - this deletion of KB4486563 worked for me but Windows still wants to install this update again so I have had to disable updates. But thanks for the temporary fix anyway.

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    Matthias Willomitzer

    Ok ... thanks Marcel.

    I am waiting for your answer

    If it is possible the correspondence in German? Otherwise in English.

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    Marcel S. @ NI

    No worries Matthias.

    You may want to reply back in german in your ticket, otherwise here, please keep the correspondence in english for other user's easier understanding, thanks.

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    Bernd Kistenmacher

    Hello, here is a little experience report from me, I uninstalled the recommended Windows update and my S88 is working again; also with the latetst Komplete Kontrol update. Unfortunately Windows is re-installing it again and again. Now I stoped the automatic update process from Widows with "net stop wuauserv" (Windows Key  + R) . This is by own risk but works for the moment. Waiting for another solution from Microsaft ;-) Many thanks so far and best wishes from Berlin. Bernd Kistenmacher

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    Paul ST

    Hi, I  experienced the same problem with my S88 after installing this months Microsoft update for Windows 7. I uninstalled it and have temporarily disabled automatic updates and it's working again.

    Please keep us posted on this as its listed as an important security Windows update with regular reminders, thanks.

    Thank you for the temporary solution.

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    This sux, it's ok on my win7 laptop but in the studio i have win10 home and it's not possible to pause windows update :-(

    So i need to install and then uninstall every day

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    Marcel S. @ NI

    Hello hotroa,

    please check:

    Turn off automatic updating in Windows 7:

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    Brad Yost

    Related to

    I'd also like to point out that there is a possibility that KB4487078 (.NET rollup) compounds the issue if installed at the same time as KB4486563, and requires the removal of BOTH of them, cold reboot, and then you can reinstall KB4487078 after the restoration process is complete.
    MS has released a preview of Quality Rollup for x64 systems (2/19/2019) KB4486565 that has the same issue with breaking HW connectivity.
    Avoid all of these until MS & NI can solve the interference issue.

    I have always done WinUpdate manually (so it doesn't interfere with current operations) and in Win7 you can R-clik on any update (incoming) and "hide" it so that it will not install at all.

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    Brad Yost

    Reply to N/A N/A


    This is NOT recommended, but can solve your issue in Win10. It is NOT safe to avoid security updates if the computer is online.

    Go to Start, type Administrative Tools, and open the matching result. Open Services > Windows Update. Below Service status, click Stop to shut down Windows Update until you reboot. Under Startup type, you can select Disabled to prevent it from booting with Windows.

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    Charlie Walker


    I have uninstalled the windows updates and the problem still persists, i also now have the problem of Komplete Kontrol being unable to load any plugins in my DAW, I get the "Loading issue, unable to load plugin, please open standalone or rescan......" pop up.

    I have found multiple solutions to this problem from other NI users but none seem to work, I have tried:

    . Uninstaling recent Windows updates

    . Reinstalling affected NI Plugins with Native Access

    . Rescanning plugins

    . Rescanning Libraries

    . Opening affected plugins in standalone and rescanning Libraries


    Nothing seems to work and KK wont load any presets in any projects, it does however work fine in standalone mode,


    Could I please have a support ticket?

    Many thanks

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    Dominique HUBERT


    I  experienced the same problem with my S88 after installing  Microsoft update for Windows 7. I uninstalled it and have temporarily disabled automatic updates and it's working again.

    But today, the same problem appeared, no KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 in "Controller". I have sound on my keyboard and midi communication is ok, but my kk s88 is not recognized like that.


    If you can help me i, french it's really great.

    Thanks you,


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    Marcel S. @ NI

    Hello Dominique,

    are you sure the update hasn't installed itself again?

    Please double check, thanks.

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    Dominique HUBERT

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for your answer.
    My computer is really new (february) and i have just this updates :

    - KB4480116 (14/02/2019)

    - KB4480056 (09/02/2019)

    - KB4470502 (08/01/2019)

    - KB4470788 (08/01/2019)


    And that's all !

    And I deleted and stopped updates when problem appear (updates stopped until 21/03/2019).

    So i don't understand why yesterday i've lost my 2 keyboards in the Controller section (S88 MK1 ans A61).


    Thanks for your help.


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    Marcel S. @ NI

    No worries Dominique,

    I've created you a support ticket.

    Please await your reply via email soon!

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    Mark Shaffer


    After following the advice from everyone else on this thread, I am still encountering issues with Maschine 2 not recognizing the S88.

    I do not have the  KB4486563  installed on my PC.  The only Security update I have is KB4470788 and I am unable to uninstall or revert back to a previous Security update.

    I would appreciate any additional help.

    Thank you,


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    Markus Nilsson

    Will there be a real fix for this issue, making it possible to use all windows updates? Or is removing the update the only solution also in the long run?

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    Josh Schroeder

    Hey guys,

    Any update on this problem?  Last I heard, NI was awaiting a reply from Microsoft... ugh.

    I run a recording studio with several Komplete Kontrol keyboards.  I love them!  But this business of uninstalling and restarting and uninstalling and restarting is a real pain in the neck.

    I'm sure you guys are working on a solution as fast as you can, just please keep us all in the loop.


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    This issue is taking ages to fix, impossible to have a win10 computer online without having to install/uninstall updates or rather downdates, i really need the keyboard for the music work, should we look for another brand?

    Is someone doing something to fix this? Can we hear how far or near we are a solution?

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    Philippe Bossuet

    The silence of NI support on this bloking bug is deafening !

    Amazing how we are considered !

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    Stephen Haines

    It appears that some versions of windows 10 cannot uninstall the security updates that seem to be at fault - so the devices remain unusable 

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    Hugh Trethowan (編集済み )

    Just to report that I let Windows 7 install updates today after NI's suggestion we do so and everything works fine. I notice it did NOT try to re-install update KB4486563 - the one causing the problems.