Solving problems regarding updating / uninstall / reinstall NI products (Windows) [en-us]

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    Scott Reinwand

    This seems to have gotten me a step further as far as uninstall, but after using the registry removal tool the products don't show up in the "not installed" part of native access even after a reboot, refresh, etc. 

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    martyn starkey

    Thanks - this DID work for me and allowed me to reinstall the 3 products I needed to - shouldn't this whole process be a lot easier with uninstall options within the program bundle itself - not left to (thankfully) a single post that I've spent days looking for an answer to

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    I'm glad I found this.  The tool worked, but it should be integrated into the Native Access app.  Or even better, have your uninstallers perform this action automatically instead of leaving registry keys behind.

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    a j norman

    I agree with Dave 's comment, this should be easier to accomplish, without hunting down this tool. 

    Personally I think Native Access has been dumbed down / oversimplified, making any customization or troubleshooting far too difficult to achieve .

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    Mark Leake (已编辑于 )

    This helped me also, after my "Kontakt 5.dll" files went missing upgrading to Kontakt 5.6.8.

    But Native Access is so dumbed down now that it's not possible to understand or fix any issues. You can't reinstall Kontakt. You can't find a manual installer for the current version of Kontakt. And you can't even find the installer that Native Access downloaded just a few minutes ago to try installing manually. You can't change any of the install paths. Older Kontakt versions don't work either, because NI now force new instruments to be encoded in the latest version of Kontakt. Nothing works.

    The only solution I've found so far is this registry tool. But is should just be included as a button in the Native Access product.

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    John Yezeguielian

    This is a Windows program, correct?  Got a Mac version, or can you tell us where the setup file for NI is at, so we can delete it and let it figure out where they are now that I'm on a different machine?

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    Dmitry Lifshitz

    Hi, didn't help me. 

    It removes the library, installs it back, but when I am trying to open nki file of the library, Kontakt asks me again to use Add Library tab, and then opens Native Access, I am adding a serial again, but nki files cannot be opened.

    I use Kontakt 5.6.8, the Library is "First Call Horns KP2"

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    Michi @ NI

    Hi Dmitry,

    this is a complete different issue.

    It is a known issue. We are currently working on it. 

    Until then, we kindly ask you for your understanding and thank you for your patience.