Can I use Spotify with Traktor Pro?

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    Nick @ NI

    Hello Michael,

    thanks for your input on this matter.

    We are aware of this topic and know that Spotify integration in Traktor 2/3 is a feature that many users would like to have implemented.

    I have forwarded your feedback to our development and we have to wait and see what the future brings.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and have a good start into the week.

    All the best,

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    Nick @ NI

    Hello Nina Smith

    Thanks for posting in our Support Community !

    Unfortunatly this will not work, Traktor 2 offers no support for music.streaming applications/services like Spotify, Apple Music etc.

    Traktor needs to audio files to be physically present on your computers hard disk AND be free of any DRM to be able to process them.

    Sorry to disappoint !


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    Matthew Roff

    I have done this before, not to use spotiy to mix tunes but to simply play a playlist through Trakor. It means you can sit down and relax while your spotify play through Traktor and thus through your monitors or whatever you have attached.


    Im having the same issue though, I can't get sound.  Does anyone know the configuration settings to getting RCA cables playing? I used to run spotify/soundcloud etc through Deck D but I can't seem to get it going now.


    Any help would be great?




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    Michael Tanne


    This has been something I've wanted for years.  Despite having 30,000 songs on my computer that are all legally owned, and keeping up buying the latest music, people always have requests. Not to mention that everyone uses Spotify now.  The last wedding I did, the bridesmaids put together all the bride's favorite songs they wanted to hear - on Spotify playlist they shared with me.  It was easier for me to switch over and play Spotify through the headphone jack than to get all the songs organized in Tracktor Pro.

    We all understand this is a licensing issue. Spotify has taken care of that with their new service "Sountrack Business"

    NI needs to understand that this scenario has played out over and over in business.  Serious company with high end product for professionals and semi-pros pooh-poohs silly upstart. But network effects, size of customer base and number of developers eventually work in favor of the upstart, and long established and admired professional product company falls behind.  You may have heard of some of these upstarts - they have names like Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber.  Please don't let this play out for NI. We've loved you for years and don't want you to be the next Kodak.  

    Please add support for Spotify Business

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