Solved: Timecode not calibrating after update to macOS Mojave [en-us]

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    Mark @ NI (已编辑于 )

    Hi Luc,

     macOS 10.14 Mojave requires the user to enable microphone access however, and without allowing access for Traktor 2, you may experience issues such as (but not limited to);

    • Lack of DVS signal
    • Lack of recording signal
    • Assorted audio issues

    You should be prompted by macOS when first launching Traktor 2, with the following messaging in which you will need to choose 'OK' to allow:


    Without doing so you will experience some of the issues listed above, but in case you chose 'Don't Allow' or ignored the prompt, you can also retrospectively adjust your settings to rectify permission (you will need to 'click the lock to make changes' and enter your log-in details to adjust the settings below):

    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone > Traktor → (enabled)


    Does that work for you?

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    Luc stapley

    Works perfectly, thank you.

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    Mark @ NI

    Alright, thanks for the confirmation - and now have fun with Traktor again!

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