iMaschine for iPhone crashes [en-us]

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    Niall @ NI (已编辑于 )

    Hi Shayan,

    could you turn on the ‘Reset Browser Database’ switch under iOS Settings > iMaschine 2. 

    After switching that, kill the Maschine app (double-tap home button and swipe up on iMaschine 2).  
    Now try it again.


    1. Ensuring no energy saving settings are enabled.
    2. Ensuring the phone has enough memory available.

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    Shayan Golriz

    Thanks, yes that worked. But all of my projects have disappeared :(((( is there any way to get them back?..

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    Niall @ NI

    Reinstalling the app will have caused the projects to have been lost.  The Reset Browser Database option would not cause the projects to get deleted.