Key Text being over written in Traktor Pro 3 [en-us]

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    Stefan Z. @ NI (已编辑于 )

    Hi Evan,

    we made extensive tests regarding this feature, and I can not reproduce or provoke any error here.

    If you experience something different, then you really need to document this in form of some screenshots.


    To reliably test this, please do the following:

    1. open the file in any tag editor (not Traktor) and make sure the file has the KEY filed set (here in the example I used mp3tag to set the 'initialkey' - this is how mp3tag calles this field - to the bogus value of z13 - so we can really make sure we notice if Traktor makes any change to that field)

    2. save the file, and import/analyze it in Traktor (make sure that 'key text' is selected).

    You will see that KEY gets poulated by the value Traktor detect, but KEY TEXT remains at the original value:

    also in the deck I can always have both values shown, and I never lost key text...


    but you NEED to realize that any track that you analyzed in Traktor BEFORE making the change in prefs, already has its key text overwritten, so to fix those you would need to re-analyze in 'mixed in keys', to get you mixed in key value back into key text again, and if you afterwards use the KEY TEXT column in your browser and also in the header, you should experience the very same as I did 


    if not, please report exactly during which step your experience differs.

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    Evan Tardif

    Thanks for the quick and concise reply. I used a tag editor as you suggested, and you are correct, my initial key tags were already re-written over from my first analysis. Thanks for your help!

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