New Mac, Can't Install Native Access: Permission Denied [en-us]

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    Armen Yampolsky

    Hello James@NI,

    In my case, the solution was to run launchctl and force-load the plist. The solution is outlined below.

    1. Run the NA installer from Applications.
    2. Enter the admin password at the prompts to install the helper tool.
    3. Check that the launch daemon is installed properly, per the OP. Both files will be visible, properly owned by root.
    4. You will continue to see the spurious "Permissions required" message in the installer's UI.
    5. Run the command

                 sudo launchctl load -wF /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.native-instruments.NativeAccess.Helper2.plist

    (Enter the sudo password at the prompt.)


    At this point, you will be able to continue the installation.


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    James @ NI (已编辑于 )

    Hi Armen,

    For some reason, the Native Access Helper Tool cannot be installed or updated.

    Move the following files to the trash and empty the trash afterward:

    • Macintosh HD > Library > Launchdaemons > com.native-instruments.NativeAccess.Helper.plist
    • Macintosh HD > Library > Privilegedhelpertools >com.native-instruments.NativeAccess.Helper
    • Macintosh HD > Application > Native

    (Note, maybe only one file is located on your computer)
    Then delete the PLIST file for NATIVE ACCESS:

    • Macintosh HD > User > *Username* > Library > Preferences > com.native-instruments.Native Access.plist

    Note: Since Mac OS 10.7 (Lion), the User Library folder is hidden. To access it, click on Go in the menu bar and press down the Alt key. You'll now find the Library entry in the menu.

    Since OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) it is necessary to restart your computer after deleting the above-mentioned files to make the changes permanent.

    Now restart your computer.

    Afterward please download the latest version from here and start the install process again.