NKS categories broken in Komplete Kontrol or Maschine



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    Tim Anderson

    This fix isn't working for me.


        the categories.db-journal file in C:\Users\Public\Documents\NI Resources\database\pal

    - This part works, but i do have another pal folder there called "pal_2.816.0.0" which appears to have been from april 2019. should i delete the categories.db-journal file there (or delete that folder entirely?)

        the .nicnt file in the Balinese Gamelan or Canterbury Suitcase Library folder which by default is located here:
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Balinese Gamelan Library\Canterbury Suitcase Library.nicnt

    - I found these (I have both) and deleted them (I have them on a separate drive)

    3. Open Native Access and reinstall Balinese Gamelan Library\Canterbury Suitcase Library (by hovering the mouse pointer over the Full Product tag).

    I did this.

    4. Now Run Maschine or Komplete Kontrol.

    Everything is still under the "other" category.



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    Tim Anderson

    The solution is what is posted in the other forum...




    You have to delete the full NI Resources folder in Public Documents, not just the categories file.  It is now fixed.

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